Construction Documentation

The construction documentation sets are created to communicate the design intent and specifications to contractors, design professionals, engineers, manufacturers and suppliers. These sets include detailed working drawings which the contractors, builders and suppliers use to determine the actual project cost for execution of the design and construction.

Our design team is equipped with knowledge, experience, creativity and latest trends in architectural fashion and technology to deliver the desired work to the customers. Our innovative, accurate and reliable services have always added value to our customer projects and that is what we continuously strive for.

We understand the impact of construction documentation, due to the different occupancies, building types, the different wall types and the applicable international building codes. We are familiar with the terminology used in construction documents and administrations as used in United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. We rely on widely available resources such as Internet and reference books to access international building codes and product information. AutoCAD Architectural enables, empowers & encourages each team member to learn and yearn for more.

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