Architectural Walkthroughs

Architectural Walkthrough is typically a short animated movie created on a computer.  This may include a computer-generated structure like a house or a building, created with landscaping and sometimes moving people and vehicles for a more realistic visualization.

In contrast with an architectural rendering which is a still image of a single aspect of a structure, Architectural Walkthrough is composed of hundreds, even thousands of such still images, woven together to create a movie.  The result is similar to the images that can be seen via a movie camera, except that the images are artificially generated.

Many architectural firms and real estate developers have now embraced the use of Architectural Walkthroughs. These walkthroughs act as an interactive tool that helps investors and property buyers to visualize the attributes of a proposed architectural project even before actual construction has begun.

The benefits to real estate marketing have been tremendous, which is why Architectural Walkthrough is gaining much popularity as a marketing tool.  It takes customers by the hand and walks them through the architect’s vision of the project.

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